Where I capture a past that never happened

When I think of my hometown, it’s usually at dusk on a winter’s night; it just stopped raining, the sky is dark and the streets are glistening. I’m not sure why I’ve constructed this particular moment in my mind. Maybe because, on my way back from class, it was the only time when I truly felt alone with myself, free of the worries of home and school.
Whatever the reason, it’s something I thought I’d try and recapture when I went back to Nancy in the winter for the first time in years. So I got dropped off in the suburb next to my old high school, and made my way by bus and foot to the historical center.
Unfortunately, it hadn’t rained that day, so the streets weren’t glistening, but I did have loads of fun trying to recapture the completely artificial image that I had in my mind.


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