Short Bio

I’m Paul Atlan. In my day job, I’m a freelance management consultant working out of Dubai and Orléans.

In my off time, when I’m done being a dad and husband, I mostly take pictures or edit pictures or process pictures..

Community Exhibitions

GPP Day and Night – Dubai – 2014


GPP – Shoot, Tag, Win 2014

Talk to Me

If you want to comment on this site, or talk to me or even, why not, hire me, I’d love to hear from you.

You can write at
You can call at +33 (7) 82 62 60 35



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  • Fair use links to other people’s work, for illustrative purpose. I try to link to source: go and have a look. Seriously.
  • ©Myself. I don’t copyright my work so you can’t use it. I copyright it so you can remember my name and get more pictures that you like.