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We could call it curation …

The word “curation” created a brouhaha this year. Most people who are less pedantic and have less time on their hands call it “sharing”. Whatever. What matters to me is the time, effort and care you put into creating something that is of value to me.

Build an encyclopaedia, show me links every day, draw awesome art, take pictures, develop an app I use every day, write the best book of the year … just do it.

The problem we do have is fragmented platforms. Once your done tweeting, sharing, curating, developing, blogging, tumbling, facebooking … you are quite literally all over the web, and it can be hard to find yourself, and others.

You can call it the death of blogging if you want pageviews. Or you can start doing something about it quietly. And, if you’re a well known designer who’s really good at figuring things out, you can write somethingthat’ll make me think and redo my whole blog. Yous could even call it “self-curation”…



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