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Simplify that sh*t is a weird UFO.

Very little contemporary art touches me. Mostly because most of it is pompous crap made for a market of useful idiots. I’m actually ok with that: as I understand it, it’s been that way for most of history, and we have to let the filter of time do its work to realise what is worth anything.

Conversely, I like things that make fun of the pomposity and the stupidity —
the Arty Bollocks generator is a constant source of joy and amazement.

As shifting derivatives become frozen through emergent and critical practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the edges of our existence.

Simplify that sh*t takes this to a higher level. At first it’s Artist Statement made me think these guys were completely serious, yet trying to be hip with a crass sounding name. And they have limited edition prints of “simplified” Mondrian, Rothko, Van Gogh … and Groening. Wait, what, Groening?
But playing with their “simplify that sh*t” generator, I’m thinking it’s maybe not art, but at least a very good way to think about art: structure, colors, composition. I just wish we could play around with the algorithm – and we know how serious these guys are!



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