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Going Home?

“Going home” is what we’ve been calling our precipitated move back to France. In a way, it is, of course. But our kids have known little else than the Gulf, and for them, it’s going to be quite a shock.

School at least seems to work out well. Hadrien in particular has few regrets. He’s made new friends in a few days, and he’s going to his “Classe de Neige” (winter camp) in a couple days. Rough time for Chris, who’s realizing her son’s going to be incommunicado for the duration – unless he remembers to write letters.

It’s also very funny for us to see them discover things we’ve known all our life. We’ve been anticipating snow for a few days, and when they saw the first flakes through the window it was magical! Snowball battle ensued, of course, and disappointment that a snowman was out of the question – snow midget, maybe?

I think this discovery, ultimately, will help us get over the shock we’re still feeling of leaving our expat life behind. The journey is less daunting – for me at least – because I’ll have my kids around.



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  1. The life will remain And there always will be a Big Sun Shines after the Small moon set

    Wish you all the luck My Frind