Pas de repos pour les damnés

2020 est un puits sans fond

Deux mois de quarantaine, inquiet pour le monde. Il est presque indécent maintenant d’être inquiets pour sa famille et soi. Et pourtant. La lente érosion de ces derniers mois a laissé notre résilience en lambeaux. Les rythmes du personnel et du professionnel se creusent l’un l’autre. Mais il faut avancer, et croire que tout est cycle.

C’est le temps du soin. Soin de soi, soin des proches. Temps à ne pas penser et simplement à survivre. Temps de la gratitude, aussi. Notre famille a traversé des orages et elle a grandi, contre toute attente.

Mais quelle fatigue

Soft-spoken spaces

I’m lucky enough to follow Teju Cole on Facebook.
in these trying times, he’s a soft spoken harbor of calmness and reflexion.
Yesterday evening he simply asked:”How are you doing? What’s hardest? What’s helping?” and the outpouring of raw emotion was heart-wrenching. But to me its also much more a testament to resiliency and humanity than any self-congratulatory 8pm applause sessions.
Here’s my own reply:

Better than I thought we would. But we’re in an easy place: roof/jobs/relatively low maintenance kids and the French socio-political system is responding relatively sanely. Hardest is realizing a lot of things that should change WON’T change: the slow erosion of our welfare system, despite daily evidence of its usefulness, is still on the agenda; the self-congratulatory 8 pm applause sessions that serves as absolution for all the selfishness … What’s helping is the knowledge that my family is in a place now that it can survive this thing together. It probably would not have been the case a few years ago. I’m grateful every day. And frankly, the fact that people like you are fostering spaces like this comment thread is soothing – in a very stark, very harsh, very real way, but believing in our shared humanity is allowing ourselves to be fragile and flawed in front of each other. (Ps: and the Music! Of course)