2018-05-09 19.15.14

I’ve believed for 40 years – as I was told in school – that this was the western-most point in France. Turns out it isn’t, by a few miles. But why let facts get in the way of a good myth? I give you:

La pointe du Raz, le bout du monde

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2018-05-03 06.40.23

for techies: I bought a USB HD for my HS 2016 MBP, formatted in APFS. Randomly, macOS will complain – “can’t repair the disk”. diskutil will take forever and pb comes back 2 days latter. Also drive seems to be constantly active. Return to Amazon?

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I feel like I “interact” less with m.b than with FB/Tw – but the signal to noise ratio is higher (i.e more meaningful conversations instead of “drive-by liking”) Also the pace of conversations is slower. All in all, a Good Thing™

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