I’ve trained as an engineer, worked as a change management consultant, and now I’m a maths teacher in junior high school. My friends think I’m a tech nerd but I’ve never coded anything shippable in my life (least of all this site).

I’ll randomly write in French or in English. I may even someday have a bilingual site.


My pictures are mine. I’m pretty cool about sharing them, but please don’t rip me off. (yeah, it happened).

Tech bits

This place runs on WordPress with the Independent Publisher theme.

Icons courtesy of the Noun Project: Camera by Martin Chapman Fromm, about by Hycan, Home by Viktor Vorobyey and Blog by Cuby Design.

Most of the tweaks to the site come from the amazing community at micro-blog:

  • Feed Importer for Micro-Blog by Michal which incorporates my micro-blog notes into my main posts with little hassle
  • Important changes to functions.php following this post by Chris Reed and help by JohnJohnston
  • Another function.php tweak to make links out of micro.blog mentions, by @smokey
  • General troubleshooting help and encouragement from @manton, @amit, @danielpunkass and others I forget

If you’re tired of the toxicity of Facebook and Twitter, if you want to make sure you own your stuff even if you do post it to FB and the bird, then come on over to micro.blog