2018-08-17 05.55.14

Archeo-astronomy: I should see the sun lower everyday at this particular point in my commute.
(Also: steampunk engineering – this is the last remnant of an experiment with high speed air-cushion bullet trains)

2018-05-16 12.00.12

This guy in the middle is my music colleague. He put on productions of a choral ensemble AND an orchestra this year. 10 concerts with about 260 kids playing together. We need more teachers like him: 25 years on the job and still keeping it fresh…

2018-05-12 23.00.53

A 6000 year old Neolithic tumulus on the island of **Gavrinis** in the _Golfe du Morbihan_. You can’t take pictures inside because it’s so small, but here’s a [link](http://www.tourismebretagne.com/decouvrir-les-destinations/bretagne-sud-golfe-du-morbihan/les-incontournables/gavrinis) with a taste of this gem. Every square centimeter is engraved. It’s hypnotic and completely foreign to us.