Back on the street

The weather is back to nice (30 C at dusk, feels almost chilly) and the kids are on vacation, so I’ve managed to wrangle a half hour away from everything. Landed in the parking lot of a huge park they’re rebuilding in the center of AD. The workers where wait9ing around for their accomodation shuttles.The trip is an hour each way, twice a day. Little to no AC. To go back to lodgings that look like a prison camp (although to be fair – they seem clean and well kempt from the outside)
The Pinoy guy is from Cebu. I think he was very happy to talk.


Instagram’s new toy is called Hyperlapse. It’s a very nifty way to make really nice time-lapse like movies … With an extremely good stabilization. Everything in the video is shot handheld, one handed.
This is going to be fun!

[vimeo 105162590 w=960 h=540]