There are two ways to become a photographer. One is to start taking pictures and develop your own style by trial and error. If you are good and you are lucky, you will become amazingly well known. This is the Daido Moriyama school of becoming an artist. (If you are French, you can call it the Jean Teulé school of becoming an artist) But if you are not a natural born crazy person who is ready to rebuild the world, then you can just look at pictures. (You could take an expensive photography course but frankly, wait until you’re either rich or famous). Look at a lot of pictures. Start with pictures by famous artists, and figure out why they are good, and wether you like them or not. Don’t do this with your uncle’s pictures of Morocco unless you want a very uncomfortable Christmas dinner this year. Here’s a list of things to look at, and a few things to read (Seriously, don’t tell your uncle what you really think about his 20th picture of “the group” at the camel farm.