web resources

Here are some resources available on the web. As with the other lists, the focus is on building a photography culture rather than learning to take better pictures (although I’d argue that the culture ultimately helps you to take better pics …). The later is easy to find on the web (at varying degrees of quality). The former, not so much, so I’ve gathered some of it here for your convenience…

  • DedPxl

    Less Noise, more Signal

    • It’s the brainchild of photographer Zach Arias . They’re building it into a premier photography resource with tutorials, critiques and more.

  • Our Age is 13
    • A defunct project by young french photographers but there still is a bunch of stuff to explore
  • The Iconic Picture
    • This website is a masterful compilation of intelligent information on most of the “must-see” pictures in the history of photography.
    • I’d just browse away at random, but here are some of the pages I like, for starters:
  • David duChemin’s Study the Masters
    • nothing groundbreaking in terms of biography but just a good way to get to know some of the people who made history.
  • The British Journal of Photography

Photography in the news

Some fun

Photography is an art. So some things come with the territory, like artsy- fartsy bizarrespeak. But it takes dedication and a single minded approach to the genre to write truly epic art BS – and if you’re here, you’re already probably dedicated with single minded purpose to actually, well, take pictures … So here is some help:
* Random Exhibition Title Generator
* BS Artist Statement