photographers and books

This is a running list of photographers which the GPP Alumni group on facebook are recommending as good starting points for a visual education.
The point of the list is NOT to be “the ultimate list”. It’s about looking at what others do and say in order to construct your own style.

The nucleus of the list was a flip-chart page written down by DAH in his workshop in Dubai as he’d mention them in class. Since then the list has grown through members of the group. If you want to add someone who’s not here, please feel free to contact me. The only criteria for inclusion is that they have touched you in some way (and that they have a body of work to share …)

Photographers to look up

Noteworthy books

  • The BangBang club

    • it’s the story of 4 south african photojournalists, including Ken Oosterbroek, who died in 1994, shot during a firefight in a township, and Kevin Carter, who won the pulitzer prize for his photo of a starving child and a vulture and commited suicide a few months later.
  • Magnum – Contact Sheets

  • Reading Magnum

  • The Photobook by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, 3 volumes on the history of the photobook (used to illustrate this page’s thumbnail)